Our travels


Enjoy sharing some of clients and staff's travel experiences. We hope this will stimultate ideas for your next adventure. We are here to help you make those ideas a reality. Come and talk to us ....

African adventure

We visited Zimbabwe and Zambia for work and pleasure purposes. 

The purpose of this trip was to visit friends and their churches and a school and an orphanage which we help to support. Whilst in the region we would take a holiday break at The Victoria Falls on the Zambian side.


Jennette at Travel Options 4U helped us get the best flight deals and a good rate at the hotel we had chosen for our holiday. All our accommodation was arranged by our friends so we stayed in homes and lodges through the three week trip.

There was many highlights! For exampe: meeting lovely people; sharing in their work and worship; seeing great scenery; trying new food and seeing the wildlife especially in the Chobe National Park (Botswana), a short drive from Livingstone. This park is brilliant for elephants and bird life, plenty of giraffe, hippo, impala and wart hog too.


The Zambezi Sun Hotel was a great recommendation from a friend. Its advantage (as well as being a very good hotel) is its proximity to the falls, being only a 5 minute walk away; so we were able to visit the falls (at no charge) two or thee times each day visiting different parts and viewing in different lights and conditions. This is really important when the falls can be obscured by the mist generated under certain conditions of wind, temperature and amount of water flowing. We visited at a time when a lot of water was flowing over the falls and this meant that there was a lot of mist - but that when the sun shone we saw the most amazing rainbow displays. These rainbows would change location as the sun changed position in the sky - again a good reason to visit on several occasions.


You will get wet at the falls as the rising mist forms local rain clouds which can pour down intense rain showers. So hiring a poncho rain cover (the hotel provided covers are OK but small) is highly recommended - we didn’t on the first visit and were soaked through - fortunately my waterproof camera housing did its job.


The “Photo Walk” is well worth doing affording great views and is quite easy; unlike the “Boiling Pot” walk down into the gorge - which again is well worth doing but is steep and trick - and there are the baboons to skirt around - they don’t move for you! At the end of the walk you can dip your feet in the cascades and watch the bungee jumpers do their thing off the bridge. The walk is through rainforest with lovely butterflies and birds to see.

Vilandray - Loire Valley, France

On the Loire River Villandray is one of the famous Chateaux of France. This one is rightly famed for its gardens. Formal knot gardens and stunning beds of colour made up of carefullly chosen flowers, shrubs and vegetables. After a morning visiting the Chateau there is plenty of choice for lunch in the village or nearby farmhouse restaurant where traditional French food is well prepared and presented. 

Croatia & Montenegro

We were stunned by the scenery in both Croatia and

Montenegro.  Dubrovnik is beautiful, but very busy with tourists. A walk around the city walls is a must, also a trip on the cable car.  We also stayed for two nights on the island of Sipan which is very quiet and relaxing with uninterrupted views of the Adriatic.

Our stay in Cavtat gave us the opportunity, with the hire car, to drive over the border into Montenegro and the breathtaking scenery around Kotor and district. If you are a keen photographer like me you will need a very large capacity SD card in your digital camera!!  You will soon fill it up!! - See more in the "Gallery".

Scilly Isles
Scilly Isles festival

Only a short flight off the end of Lands End sit the Scilly Isles. They are an enchanting and varied group of islands offering great wildlife, scenery and strange local customs - this one involves dunking the school's headteacher into the harbour. A battle of the rafts ensues - making a colourful and entertaining spectacle in a great setting.


On many a person's bucket list, Venice is a feast for the senses. Wonderful, colourful, architecture, great food and the canal taxis make for an unforgettable visit. Famous buildings and vistas are there to enjoy and photograph or even, emulating a great master, paint.


Australian tour

The highlight of my Australia tour has to be the day spent cruising through Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territories.

Nitmiluk National Park  244 km southeast of Darwin,includes a series of gorges on the Katherine River and Edith Falls. Full of specatular scenery and wildlife. Our day included watching a croc catch and eat a snake a slow drift along the river, a great evening meal watching the sun go down to the sounds of the night wildlife. - Wonderful!