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D E B O R A H   N A G V E K A R


Deborah is our newest member of the Travel Options team, but isn't new to the travel industry, having been involved in it for 35 years. Her expertise is undeniable, and her passion for travel is clear.

A love of exploring new places and learning about different cultures led to Deborah becoming a travel agent, and she hasn't looked back since. Her favourite aspect of being a travel agent is being able to work hard to find the right holiday for someone, and she loves exceeding her clients' expectations about a hotel or destination! With a friendly smile and warm personality, Deborah makes those around her feel comfortable and secure in their travel plans. Outside of the office, Deborah is passionate about mindfulness and enjoys yoga and badminton. She loves eating out with friends and finding the best vegan dishes in the area! Her eco-friendly mindset has caused the whole office to become fans of seeking about the best finds in our town's charity shops. 

Top Three Destinations?

1. India. Deborah has close family connections to this incredible country, and is wholly enthusiastic about it. Indeed, she has even ran her own tours around India for friends and clients in the past, so that others can understand what makes this country so special.

2. Greece. This "perfect" location is Deborah's favourite European destination. The country has a special place in her heart, as the magical island of Corfu was one of the first destinations she visited overseas. 

3. Sri Lanka. With beautiful beaches, a fascinating culture and incredible, welcoming people, this country is thoroughly recommended by Deborah - it is a destination like no other.  

Where have you always wanted to visit?

Canada is Deborah's dream destination. She loves the idea of travelling with Rocky Mountaineer through the mountains of Canada, with their breathtaking scenery.

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