We have worked hard to establish partnerships with market leaders in specialised areas of travel, so that we can give you the widest range of memorable experiences at the most reasonable costs. We list these partners here together with what they can offer, please contact us for more detailed information.

Intrepid Travel

Back when we were thinking of what to call ourselves, the word ‘intrepid’ seemed to perfectly encapsulate the type of adventures we wanted to create. And although we were worried that it made us sound a bit too much like we were ‘roughing it’, we decided it was the best way to describe our style of travel. So we stuck with it. Today we offer over 800 different itineraries, covering every continent and including The Arctic and Antarctica.

Our itinerary themes include: Expeditions, food, family, walking, cycling, sailing, wildlife, 

overland, polar and more...

Traveloptions4u's partners