Works endlessly to put you and your family first

2020 has been a year like none other I have ever known. It's been a lot of hard work and not much play! After much discussion and review, we decided to book a holiday this summer abroad because as a family we simply needed to get away and have something to look forward to. We spent a lot of time in discussion with Jenette from Travel Options 4U abut destinations which have had low covid rates during the pandemic and resorts that were putting in place lots of safety measures. We came across the Creta Maris resort in Crete and with the many pools (including the water park), private beach, beautiful rooms and a variety of restaurants - it was a clear winner for us. Fantastic family orientated resort with friendly staff and through cleaning regimes. We have enjoyed a wonderful 10 night break in Crete, felt secure and safe the entire time and have come back full of life and energy. I had wondered why people still use a travel agent rather than just book online these days, but Jenette has been incredible throughout the booking - giving advice, reassurance and assessing our every need along the journey. She works endlessly to put you and your family first, finds the best prices and deals and having someone (a real person and not an info@ email address or a call centre number) to answer any questions is absolutely wonderful! I will never book anywhere else again.

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