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Image by Harshil Gudka


Tourism in Africa has grown significantly over the last decade, and we can understand why. With a stunning range of landscapes, Africa provides opportunities for those who love to relax or those who love to adventure, among many others.


Home to an intoxicating mixture of sights and tastes, northern Africa is the perfect cultural experience, with city life within Morocco and Marrakesh to explore. If the bustling city experience isn’t for you, then why not take a trip back in time to the Egyptian treasures of the great pyramids, or trek (sections of!) the great expanse of the Sahara.


Savannahs, coral reefs and deserts; Sub-Saharan Africa has everything you could wish for. Of course, Kenya is the best-known location for safari experiences, but countries such as Botswana are just as wonderful, making this area of Africa is the ultimate destination for nature-lovers.

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