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Jenette Spirovski - Owner

After many years working in travel agencies and teaching travel and tourism, Jenette founded Travel Options 4U in 2006. Bringing together her wealth of knowledge, positive attitude and friendly personality, she has helped grow the business from being based , at the ‘end of the hall’, then in a “Travel Shed” in her garden to having an office in the heart of her home town, for 30 years, of Bradford on Avon. 

With a lifelong interest in travel, Jenette is constantly inspired and enthused by the world around her. When chatting to clients, her love for travel & people is obvious, and it’s this personal touch that makes the service provided so unique. 

Away from the office, Jenette loves supporting other independent businesses! She also enjoys travelling, cooking, reading, cocktails & spending time with her family and walking their dog, Dottie in BOA, Wiltshire and the beach !


Top Three Destinations?


1. Europe. Being able to travel through this varied continent  whilst doing a family road trip through Europe down to North Macedonia is a highlight of the year. Every trip is routed differently each year to build knowledge on Europe’s destinations to bring back to the office. It also builds to their family’s love of travel - Croatia is a favourite but so is Montenegro, but then so is Budapest... and Lucerne... and the list goes on....!


2. Asia: Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are some of Jenette’s favourite countries.  A road trip through Malaysia to Singapore by car and train, then a beach stop on Langkawi is truly memorable. Jenette was also lucky enough to travel on the Orient Express from Singapore to Bangkok - an experience that she’ll never forget. 


3. The Caribbean. Jenette has visited much of this beautiful area of the world (Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, British Virgin Islands and Antigua). The calmness and beautiful scenery offered by these islands are hard to beat. The vibe of the different islands and their music and culture is a heady mix. Salsa lessons in the Dominican to dinner in a private home in Cuba... so many memories and more to visit !


Where have you always wanted to visit?


1. Peru! Jenette has always dreamed of going to South America, and is hoping to visit later in the year, as she was meant to go just before lockdown began in the UK. 

2. Despite loving Asia, Jenette has never been able to experience Japan. She would love to see what this country offers, and perhaps celebrate her big (upcoming) birthday there! 



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