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Jennie Cameron - Travel Specalist


Jennie joined our friendly team at the beginning of 2018 - but she certainly isn't a novice; she has been in the travel industry for 39 years. It's safe to say that she's an expert! 

After being inspired to join the world of travel and realising her passion for exploring the world, Jennie was looking for a job with great variety and a career that would enable her to talk to new people. This is why being a travel agent is her perfect job!  

Jennie's favourite aspect of being a travel agent is that she never knows what each day will bring - there is always variety. Her warm, joyful personality means that clients turn from strangers into friends, and lifelong relationships can be built. Outside of the office, Jennie loves looking after her dogs and going on long walks. She is also an avid cook, and is partial to a spot of retail therapy!

Contact Jennie directly on:

Top Three Destinations?

1. Iceland. The landscape of this beautiful country is like no other, and a world away from the fields of Wiltshire! It is absolutely stunning, and somewhere everyone must visit - even if you have your reservations, there will be something that you'll fall in love with.

2. Hong Kong. Jennie's son is lucky enough to live in this fascinating place, and she completely loves it, with its vibrant atmosphere and cultural delights. 

3. Italy. She especially loves the charming Tuscany and Florence, and adores the people, the food and the rich history.

Where have you always wanted to visit?

1. South America: Jennie's travel wish list is topped by Peru and Machu Picchu, as she would love to explore these beautiful landscapes. 

2. A safari experience in Botswana or Tanzania. These two locations look particularly special and after booking clients there, she would love to experience the wonders of safari holidays for herself.

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