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Caitlin Trevor - Future Travel Specalist

We are happy to announce our newest member of the Travel Options 4U team, Caitlin. Caitlin joins us as she takes her first steps in travel. We see a bright future within the industry for Caitlin, due to her friendly nature, willingness to further her knowledge and travel experience. 

Caitlin has always had dreams of working in travel. Mainly due to the fact that she loves travelling herself and helping people. Two things that go hand in hand together perfectly when working with clients to create the perfect itinerary.

Caitlin is currently at the beginning of completing an extensive travel & tourism apprenticeship. To learn all areas of the travel industry & ultimately become a full time travel specialist with us at Travel Options 4U. 



Top Three Destinations?

1. New York. Caitlin loves New York. Especially Brooklyn due to its relaxed atmosphere. With endless different options of food, hundreds of shops to choose from & iconic sights to see. Caitlin was spoiled for choice & certainly wants to return to New York to cross of what she didn't get round to. 

2. South Africa. Caitlin was lucky enough to experience the very best South Africa has to offer. Being able to go on a wildlife safari and see all the incredible wild animals in their natural habitat was definitely the highlight. Another memorable part of the holiday for Caitlin was being able to meet family she had never met before.

3. Miami, Caitlin was able to do a family road trip throughout Florida. Stopping & Spending time in each different destination such as Fort Myers, Anna Maria Island, Florida Keys, Marco Island & much more. Caitlin loved the vibrant cultures of Miami & Florida, amazing beaches & endless supply of food. Another highlight was watching an NBA basketball match, as Miami Heat beat Charlotte Hornets.

Where have you always wanted to visit?

1. Canada. Caitlin already has a trip to Canada planned with her friend & cannot wait to go. With lots to see Caitlin will visit various different destinations; from Calgary, Jasper, Vancouver & Lake Louise. 

2. Lapland has always been a dream of Caitlin because of her love for snow. Huskey Sledging & Snowmobiling has always been on Caitlins bucket list with Lapland being the perfect destination for this. Not to mention being able to ski which is a passion of Caitlin's.

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