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Image by Martin Jernberg


Asia is delightfully varied, with each of its countries being utterly unique.


With the opulence of Dubai to the beautiful simplicity of Oman and Jordan, the middle east is the height of class and heritage. Yet it is not only known for its luxury – the Middle East is just as undiscovered as it is exuberant – there is truly nothing quite like it in the world.


History galore, this area of Asia is perfect for any budding historian. Of course, there is variety of culture, food and technology that never gets dull – there is simply always something to do. That said, Mongolia is the absolute contrast to the bustling life of Japan (for example). Known for its wild, stunningly natural expanses of land, Mongolia is like a trip back in time.


Possibly the most diverse area of the world, there is something about south east Asia that is irresistible. From the beach bliss of Thailand and the Philippines to the unique rainforests of Borneo to the ultra-modern Singapore, South East Asia combines almost all aspects of the world all in one.


The ultimate beach escape. The Indian Ocean is the perfect place for a hideaway, due to its beautiful clear waters, extraordinary villas and completely private atmosphere. You will truly feel like you are in a world of your own, in what we would call a complete paradise.


A truly fascinating country, there is nowhere else quite like India. With incredible vibrancy, fascinating culture & stunning scenery, memories of this country will stay with you forever. 

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