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City Honeymoons

Our planet is home to hundreds of cities perfect for honeymoons. Perhaps you and your partner are not so keen to spend your honeymoon lounging on a beach, and would rather explore a brilliant city instead. From the chic streets of Milan to Tokyo's unique vibrant atmosphere, cities open up a great mixture of romance, exploration and class. Of course, locations such as New York and Venice are well known as honeymoon destinations, but there are so many other brilliant honeymoon cities too where you can dodge the crowds! Many cities also boast a range of beautiful boutique hotels in fabulous locations, and these make a popular choice for many honeymooners. Some cities, such as Rio de Janerio and Sydney, have a coastal location, meaning you can combine the beach and the city in one go! This could make a great choice for couples who would love the best of both worlds in one place.

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