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Image by Nathalia Segato



Don’t want to travel far from home? We understand. Luckily, the British Isles offer a wonderful range of holiday opportunities for everyone – whether that be hiking in the Lake District, exploring the streets of London or relaxing on an idyllic secluded beach in Cornwall. There’s always a pocket of the UK just waiting to be discovered…


A true history hub, the countries within central Europe are perfect for any explorer, relaxer or romantic. Enjoy the luxuries of France, the breath-taking mountains of Switzerland, or the hidden delights of Slovenia. Central Europe is perfect for families, couples, friends or individuals!


To many, Southern European cuisine is the finest in the world, but this isn’t the only thing going for it. Home to secret gems such as Croatia and Montenegro, as well as well-loved destinations like Italy and Greece, Southern Europe is the perfect place for all your holiday desires.


A fabulous mixture of extreme adventures and relaxing destinations, Iceland is the best place for those looking for an entirely new experience. From climbing to swimming, Iceland is the ultimate thrill-seeking destination for all ages. Equally, Scandinavia is a hub of activity, sophistication and charm that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.

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