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Single traveller:

Adventure holidays tailored towards single travellers are growing in popularity. From skiing in Austria to taking in the sights of India, the options available to you span across the globe. If on a group tour, this is a brilliant opportunity to make new friends. However, if group tours don't appeal to you, we will happily support you in creating a special trip just for you.     


These holidays are absolutely  perfect for budding explorer couples and friends! One idea could be to trek through the lush rainforest of Borneo and stay overnight on Mount Kinabalu - the tallest mountain in Borneo! We believe that adventure holidays are possibly the ultimate friendship strengthener - what's not to love?


Adventure holidays may seem daunting for families, but they are incredible learning opportunities that your children will never forget. Why not indulge your senses by going white water rafting along the stunning Pacuare River in Costa Rica or ride camels across the Saharan dunes of Morocco? The choice is yours! 

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