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Image by Andrés Sanz



The most fabulous mixture of culture, landscapes and history that you could ask for. With rain forests, glaciers, beaches to name but a few, South America truly does have something for everyone. Its vibrancy and excitement ensures you will always have something to do – from festivals to sports games to historical tours, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


In one word, Brazil is enchanting. Hiking, exploring, relaxing... whatever you're interested in doing, it's more than likely that Brazil will offer it. Moreover, many locations within Brazil top most people's bucket lists - such as the Amazon Rainforest and Christ the Redeemer. 


With the Andes lining one side and the Pacific ocean the other, Chile is almost like a hidden world. Its capital city, Santiago, is a stark contrast to the natural simplicity surrounding it. 


From vineyards to glaciers to deserts, Argentina essentially has it all. It is diverse in all aspects, not just landscapes, however; the colourful city of Buenos Aires is just as breathtaking.


Of course, there is more to Mexico than sombreros and parties, but there is a fabulous fun vibe that rings throughout the country. That said, Mexico is also ideal if you are looking for stretches of golden sands - why not have a go at surfing whilst you're at it?

Of course, these 4 countries do not make up the whole of this fantastic continent, and aren't the only countries we can create holidays for! Instead they are just particularly popular - but we believe the entirety of Southern America is fabulous.

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