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Greece and honeymoons. Two words that go so perfectly together. Destinations such as Santorini and Crete have become completely iconic honeymoon destinations, and with their elegant buildings and glistening seas. Despite their popularity, there's still an undeniable magic about it. Mainland Greece too has a romantic charm to it, where you can almost step back in time, and many people choose to combine mainland Greece with an island or two. Greece opens up the opportunity for a classically romantic experience, combining stunning architecture with rich culture with incredible beaches. Moreover, you can be ensured that your accommodation shall be equally romantic and memorable, as there are dozens of hotels who specialise in ensuring honeymooners have the best experience possible. It's unsurprising, therefore, that Greece and its islands sit high upon many people's bucket lists, and it makes a fabulous honeymoon choice.



Greece has over 2,000 islands of varying sizes, with around 170 of them being inhabited.