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Image by Francois Hurtaud

The Maldives

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky
Image by Syd Sujuaan
Image by Fayaz Moosa
Image by Ibrahim Rifath





The Maldives is a stunning honeymoon destination and a very popular choice for couples around the world. Its popularity, however, should not act as a deterrent, because the Maldives has remained a secluded paradise, where guests' privacy is of the upmost importance. Waking up in a beautiful beach villa, strolling down you own personal path to emerge onto a stunning beach... undeniably a romantic experience! Or perhaps you dream of staying in an open-plan water villa. No matter what you wish for, we will work together to find your perfect resort/accommodation type. 



Beaches in the Maldives are of coralline origins, which are extremely rare and represent less than 5% of the world's beaches. This is why their sand grains are so white and fine. 

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